A Universal Foe

Down through the ages there have always been a couple of villains that we could all rise up and fight against. Darth Vader, Satan etc etc etc. Just a figure that we could all recognize as an antagonist. This person/figure scares the nations and represents the evils of our time.
Recently, if we had to choose a foe, I’m sure almost all of us can agree it is this figure:

It never ceases to amaze me the amount of fear the Dark Lord can cause in us regular citizens. I remember I went through a phase of Harry Potter disliking, but finally last Winter when the last movie was about to come out, I thought I would break down and read the book.
I remember calling my ex-boyfriend who was actually English but not a Harry Potter fan. I remember the multiple phone calls at 3 in the morning where I would cry about being scared of Voldemort and tell him about what the Dark Lord had recently done to Harry Potter.
His reply would always be that I should stop reading. PFF! Only a non-Harry Potter fan would say something like that.

The fact of the matter is, J.K. Rowling has spun such an intercut web of characters and background information, it is hard to not consider this characters to be real. Plus, if you are like me, you grew up with these characters. They were the pals you played with when you were younger. And I know for a fact that I was not the only person disappointed on their 11th birthday when their letter didn’t come.

The new movie just came out on DVD. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and the trailer for Part 2 was just barely released. I’m not going to lie, I got chills when I watched the trailer. I’m excited. Guess who’s going to be there opening night…it’s me.
Another fun thing, my best friend who was in the theatre with me when the trailer played got chills too and she is not a fan at all. Basically, you can’t get much more epic than Harry Potter. Except Star Wars.

Anyways, my parents recently rented the new DVD of Harry Potter so our whole family could watch. I was surprised to hear tonight that my brother who is 22 didn’t sleep well last night because he was having nightmares about Voldemort and the Death Eaters. That is not something I would have expected from my OLDER brother. It’s one thing if I’m afraid, but he is an older male, what is he doing being afraid.

It was after hearing this that I realized, Lord Voldemort is crazy. I’m pretty much sure everyone has a small fear of him. Now, I’m sure there are those crazy people who hate Harry Potter or those people who show off and say that he’s not scary. But as someone who is a fan, Voldemort gives me goosebumps and nightmares. Congratulations to Ralph Fiennes and J.K. Rowling, you guys created a realistic monster that makes me check my closet before I go to bed..


6 thoughts on “A Universal Foe

  1. I Have watched Harry Potter series .yes ,I has a small fear of Lord Voldemort,and he is so crazy that almost everyone saw him can not sleep!Voldemort gives me goosebumps and nightmares……

  2. I’ve recently taken up reading for pleasure again and have thought about starting the Harry Potter series. Would you recommend the books for a late-20s gal?

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