I’m so excited that today is Casual Friday, pretty much the best thing that has happened to me all week.

Usually I wear casual anyways, but today I’m working in an office and the fact that they have a specific day for wearing your jeans is absolutely beautiful. Makes me appreciate this so much more. Jeans have never been so great as they are this day, on Casual Friday.

Now obviously I have heard of Casual Friday before, but I’ve never actually experienced it or played a part in it. I get to sit in my desk all day, but this time wearing what I want to wear. Not “business casual”, whatever the heck that is.
I swear I hate it when people say things like “light formal” or “business casual” or even ” nice casual”.
I don’t even know what that means. In my mind there is formal, business and casual. There is no light, dark, mean or even heavy. You are either dressed nice or you are not.

Then there is always pajamas. I think that gets its own category. Pajamas are the best ever. Which reminds me I’m tired, guess what time it is.

Anyways, it’s Casual Friday and I’m rocking it.


3 thoughts on “CASUAL FRIDAY!

  1. Gotcha. Hey you can thank me and my girls back in 1971. We petitioned and fought for the right to wear “pantsuits” or pants to school. That was 8th grade! In ’72 in 9th, we fought again to wear JEANS. yeh, they were too sexy, casual, etc. thats how young our “new” world is. Now one can begin to imagine that just 50 years ago, people were still ostracized and even killed for demanding to be “equal” HUMANS. We were fighting for bluejeans and Blacks were having to fight to come to our school instead of going to a one room schoolhouse for 12 grades! True story. I have to share this, thanks,…one of the greatest days in my community was when the idiot KKK’s burned down the Black’s school to prove they meant business about not ending segregation….it backfired…federal law and all…and the black kids in my town got to come to our school, even teachers, immediately. We of course became the new generation and 4A in sports for a first! People, this was all one generation ago….in case you are wondering why its still so “fresh” and painful to many. ONE GENERATION or 40 years, that is, but that was the beginning of the fight…see what i mean? thanks, “love your show” and I’m thrilled to have my low-rise back FINALLY….HIP-HUGGERS AND BELLBOTTOMS! I hate that fashion stylists take away the best things in life, change it to what they say,,all for money….30 years without low-rise comfort and cool would make anyone crazy! later, Nan

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