I feel better now.

Has anyone ever noticed that they always give the mental institutions such happy names. Honestly. Pleasant Valley Mental Institution or Sunny Side Insane Asylum.

Question: Do they think that adding a happy name REALLY helps with what goes on in there or makes anyone inside feel better about where they are?
I really think they do. Except, I don’t think this helps at all. In fact, I think it makes it worse. If I was in a mental institution, it would just piss me off the fact that the name of it is something like Happy Times Insane Asylum. Not to mention, that just sounds like an oxymoron right there.
You guys are ridiculous.

I refuse to get better in any institution but You’re Completely Insane and A Threat To Society Institution. But I will settle for Don’t Expect to Get Out or Even Visitors Asylum.


One thought on “I feel better now.

  1. Yes there are many for instances such as the one’s that you have highlighted here of course they could have just used a more simplistic formula like ‘Nutters R Us’ or ‘Crackers Clinic’ but one term is much like any other I guess?

    Have a nice rest of evening now…


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