Yeah Yeah Whatever

Hey There. I know this message is going to seem weird, considering we haven’t spoken to each other in over a year, but I still think about you a bunch.

Actually it’s not that weird. Apparently this is how a Facebook message sent to me always starts. I’ve been getting this quite a bit lately. And by quite a bit, I mean about 2 times so far in the month of April. But that’s still a lot of reconnection going on.

I have to admit though, I wouldn’t think a message like this would be weird in any sense. Not even if I hadn’t been getting messages like this before the one sent to me today. I don’t think it’s weird to miss and want to reconnect with someone you once knew. In fact, I think it’s great in some cases. I’m always down. Even though I love messages like these, it always takes me awhile to think of a good response to them.

I feel it’s important to add, I’m not the one losing contact with these people. In most cases, we simply just stop talking. The friendship dies down. Or they do something that really makes me mad, which is kinda hard to do. They deserve a medal.

I believe that everything happens for a reason of course. And I do have to say though, I only need one more specific person to try to reconnect with me, and the gangs all back together. Of course this gang didn’t really talk to each other, just to me. It’s not a gang together, just the gang of people who talked to me. That’s not really a gang, is it?
And luckily the last person who needs to reconnect most likely won’t. It’s almost impossible that he will.

OH! And by the way, the person who reconnected with me earlier this month, they aren’t really interested in talking to me. Why did they reconnect with me then? Pff, Everyone’s insane.


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