Thank you Freshly Pressed

In my insomnia, I had a wonderful night last night. 1:30 rolled around and I was already feeling the tolls of the day and like my body could rest a bit. Usually I don’t feel this way until about 3 am. So 1;30 was an amazing idea.

My bed is pressed into a corner, just like many people’s bed’s are. There seems to be something comforting about having a wall to the one side of you. Well as I was sleeping, an image flashed through my mind. I’m not sure what it was now, but I remember it was something sitting in the corner of room where my bed is pressed against, something just sitting over my head. The image was so horrifying that it caused me to leap from my bed and started me into a huge coughing convulsion. This was at 2:18 am.

I did what most people do when they wake up in the middle of the night, I went to the bathroom. Didn’t have any business in there, but I went anyways. Seemed appropriate. Well after I went in the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror for a moment, I went back to bed.

And all I could think about was this post that I read yesterday on the Freshly Pressed. In this post she talks about how she thinks her house is haunted and the reasons why it is so. She talks about an experience where she talks about being attacked by a spirit. You may be rolling your eyes are this moment, but if you remember this you will know that I take that crap seriously.
So a dark spirit attacking someone while they are in bed is EXACTLY what I wanted to be thinking about at 2 in the morning while trying to fall back asleep after a nightmare. I did my best to distract myself, but how do you really NOT think about something when you are trying not to think about something?
You can’t.

It’s interesting how much the Freshly Pressed is influencing me now. That it would be the thing I think about in the early morning when I cannot sleep. And even though this time it was in a negative way, I’m sure the information I read on there will one day influence me in a positive. One day when I am in a bind as to what to say to someone, I will be able to call on one of the many blog posts I’ve read through Freshly Pressed and say something very intelligent from it.

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3 thoughts on “Thank you Freshly Pressed

  1. That’s scary! I had a dream once that an evil dark mass(spirit) took control of me and I could see my hands but not control them and I was getting up and heading towards my dads neck before I woke up holding my own neck. Didn’t sleep for the next two nights after that incident.

    1. I’ve had it before when I was sleeping and all of a sudden I thought someone was outside my door, so I woke up and the handle was jiggling.
      It wasn’t anyone in my family either, Freaked me out.

  2. I had a dream a couple nights ago that I had to perform an exorcism on someone at work. I just remembered. Now I’m scared to work in the morning…crap.

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