And we are back to 2 in the morning.

I could have not have asked for a better day than yesterday. Oh My Goodness. I’m so happy right now. It’s ridiculous. I feel like I could be on drugs or something. This might sound weird, but my heart just feels good. And I’m just happy. A smile on my face that can’t be replaced. Didn’t mean to rhyme. It was kinda awkward, but I will take it.
Why am I so happy?

First off and most importantly, my mother’s surgery went REALLY well. She is really tired now and trying to recover, but she is doing a lot better than we could have hoped. It’s amazing.

Second, I got to spend time with one of my best friends today. Even though I didn’t leave with her, I just enjoy her company so much. We just click like no bodies business.
And not only that, I got to spend time with people who I normally don’t hang out with and I HAD A BLAST! Who knew? I’m so excited cause I realized that we are better friends than I thought. And I love it to bits.
Third, I paid attention. I am a good listener. I think it’s just when I’m around my best friend that I talk too much. Why? Well we know each other so well that if there is something to talk about, we both take it away. We both talk a lot, but I was really worried that maybe I don’t listen enough. So today I really watched it, and I realized that I do listen a lot. Now maybe it is because I was watching it, but still. I’m glad I’m someone who people can talk to.

Fourth, how awesome is it when someone takes credit for something that you have been feeling guilty about? I have been worrying about a certain thing for a couple of weeks and the person who I was in the situation with called. I didn’t answer cause I was that worried, but they left a voicemail taking credit for the problem we were having. So they are not upset with me at all.

And fifth. The thing keeping the smile on my face. I can’t go into much detail, but a huge thing that has been playing on my mind is starting to work out. I can’t tell you how freaking excited I am. My heart is just so raised. Everytime I think about it, I just shake my head and smile. There might be a giggle or two going around. But seriously, Wow.

ALSO! I had no freaking clue that so many people read my blog. Now obviously I check my Site Stats and I see that people are reading, but I didn’t know so many of them were people who I actually know in my life. I kinda thought they were just random views from people I don’t know. But SURPRISE! Not so. Tonight about 3 people who I didn’t know read my blog made a mention to it. I was floored. I don’t think that I’ve written anything that would offend someone, but I’m definitely going to be more careful and think through what I put here now. Still is exciting.

This moment is happiness.


One thought on “And we are back to 2 in the morning.

  1. Hello. Well let all your happiness shine on to others and spread the wealth. Happiness is a very good thing and it sounds like you have much to be happy about, your mother doing well is super! Happiness is good for the soul. Have a good Tuesday. :)

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