Post Easter Thoughts

Yesterday was Easter, in case anyone forgot. And a lot of people have been asking me how my Easter was. Not so good, but mostly because it ended with my mother in the hospital for gallstones.
Strangely that kills it.

There is one thing that I have to say about Holidays that leaves me looking like a buzzkill. I really don’t like partaking in a lot of Holiday traditions. I like a lot of traditions, but others is just really hard for me to get into.
Mainly right now I’m talking about Easter Egg decorating/hunting and pumpkin carving. I most definitely still sit on Santa’s lap and you will never find me without a costume on Halloween.

I’ve always been a rather fun person, I love doing different activities and I don’t mind getting dirty. But last week I went to an activity where we were decorating eggs and then having an egg hunt. One of my friends was talking about how creative I am and how much I was going to love doing it. But surprise, I didn’t decorate one egg. And when it came to the hunting part, I stood outside and people just handed me eggs when they found them. Buzzkill? I think yes.

I guess when it comes to egg decorating and pumpkin carving, I just don’t see as much return on investment. Gosh I sound super old. But that was the best way to describe it.
When you sit on Santa’s lap, you get to converse with a nice old man who wants to talk about only you and there is the promise of a gift in the future and a candy cane in the very near future. When you dress up for Halloween, you are someone else for an entire night. That is amazing.
When you decorate eggs, you get super messy and then you have to run out and find them? What the heck? Why would I want to find a bunch of hard-boiled eggs? I don’t even like eating eggs on a regular day.
Same thing with pumpkin carving. The seeds almost make it worth it to me, but then again I would rather go out and buy some. You take all that time to carve out a pumpkin and then set it on your porch to rot? Uhhh…

Now despite my personal distaste for these activities, am I against them completely? Not at all. When I was at this activity that I just mentioned, my very serious friend was next to me. And he was absolutely delighted to colour eggs. He spent about 20 minutes colouring one single egg. It really shocked me.
All the while he was telling me about how his family decorates eggs every year and how much he enjoys it. It showed me a whole new side to this person.
So even though I don’t enjoy these activities at all, I think people should do them because these silly holiday traditions that we do that really have nothing to do with what the original holiday was about bring people happiness. People take comfort in these silly traditions. And I take comfort in the traditions that I enjoy. And Hey! More memories. Memories are important.

Photo Sources: Kids Fun Reviewed


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