Tipping Scale

You know, when it comes to thinking of marriage, I know that I would be a great wife and a great mother. I know it. I’m not trying to be conceited, but I seriously was an awesome girlfriend. I did so many nice things for my boyfriend that he didn’t even care about. And I know I will be a great mother, I was a nanny for so long and little kids just adore me. And I can’t wait for either.

BUT! There are some days I wonder. They have always said that you should be a bigger person and walk away from problems, but I find that anytime I do, people treat me like I’m being immature. Which makes me feel very immature. Sometimes I just get really upset and I need to walk away for a while.

The biggest thing that makes me worry about getting married is this: This weekend  we decided to drive up to St. George to see my extended family. They are all amazing and fun to be with.
BUT! When I look around at my family it seriously makes me think “I can’t even handle my own family, how am I going to handle my husband’s family AS WELL!” Honestly, when you get married you take on all of his family issues as well.
Now when I was in love with my ex, I was willing to take on his family. Why? Cause I was in love with him and I was so willing to be with him, I could take his family for him. I really was willing to take anything for him because I loved him.

So I guess when you are single and thinking about what married life will be, it will always look hard. But being in love changes everything. Plus, his family could be okay, right?


2 thoughts on “Tipping Scale

  1. You’re wise to be considering these family issues before marriage. You meet someone you’re attracted to and enjoy spending time with, and most people think that’s all you need. But so much of marriage is managing extended family, and this issue is rarely considered in the excitement of getting married.

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