Failing at Relationships: I just have a question…

When is it appropriate to pass along what someone else has said? I really don’t want to be a gossip over here. But how come anytime I pass along what someone else has said, I feel like I’m being disloyal to the person who originally told me. Most of the time, it’s someone who doesn’t even mean anything to me as a person. Not that they aren’t important, they are just not important to me.

Now what brought this on? I told someone that someone else told me they are handsome. I honestly believe that this is something that people should tell others. I feel like we should tell people when we appreciate any part of them. But sadly, other people don’t do this because they are afraid the person will think they are creepy. Well this is just ridiculous. I always tell people, and most of the time the person thinks I’m creepy. BUT occasionally they actually needed that compliment. That makes it worth it.

So I just want to pose this question again, When does passing along the opinions of someone else turn into gossip? And when does doing this fall under disloyalty?
Because sometimes people feel that if you don’t tell them who said these things about them, you are being disloyal to them. And that just is a whole other problem.


3 thoughts on “Failing at Relationships: I just have a question…

  1. well, if you ask, passing over compliment doesn’t count as gossip so you have no reason feel bad, it becomes the problem when you turn out the words of the person in a way that he didn’t mean. i was suprised many times when fond out what “i said” about some people and it hurts when they actually believe it

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