Can I tell you a Secretive Secret

that will be posted on my blog so it’s not really a secret and is actually out there for the whole internet to see, but that’s okay because I already told Winston this morning and he kept it quiet so I’m very confident that I can trust the internet to keep this secret quiet as well?
Man, run-on sentences are great.

There really is a secret though. The secret is: I CAN WALK!
IT’S A MIRACLE! Or just the fact that the alloted 6 weeks will be up in a few days. Either, or. I tested it out in my bedroom this morning. I don’t sleep with my boot on anymore, so this morning I hadn’t put it on yet and I was using my crutches to get to the door, but then I stopped and tried walking without my crutches.
It was a little uncomfortable, but then again so was signing the Declaration of Independence.

I probably can’t run or skip, but I feel like I can. In fact, I’m totally excited to start jogging once again. The problem is, I can wait til Tuesday when the 6 weeks is officially over to take off this boot and start walking again, BUT my doctor’s appointment isn’t until the 26th. That’s in 11 days. I can’t freaking wait that long. I have places I want to go and walk to.
Now you might say “Is that worth ruining your leg?” Uh, I will have to get back to you on that one.


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