Every Mushroom Cloud Has A Silver Lining

I’m watching a movie a that is set just after the Cold War. And all these people are freaking out over communists and of course the nuclear war that never going to take place.
So here is the question I want to propose, don’t we have more reason to be worried about a nuclear war today than people did in the 50s?

I mean now there is so much more technology that the bombs are most likely more advanced, but just the stealth mechonizims they have now is enough to make anyone nervous. Not to mention the fact that we know that certain countries have been creating nuclear weapons. Or at least that’s what the government tells us that they might have them.
And of course there is the fact that terrorists might have them.

I’m not really going anywhere with this, I was just thinking about how ironic it is that everyone was freaked out and worried about nuclear attacks in the 50s and nothing happened. It was pretty much a waste of protesting posters and emotions.
On a side note, I really love mushrooms as a food.


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