If I was a Super Villain.

Now why would I be a super villain instead of a super hero? Well less rules. Less of an example. I don’t think I could handle having everyone look up to me like that. Pressure. PRESSURE! I FEEL PRESSURE! Not only that, but freaking A, super villain is such a cooler title than super hero. Let’s be honest right now. Super hero? That just sounds super lame.

So I would be a super villain, obv. What would my powers be? Well I’d like brains and then to have the funding to create robots and what not, that would be nice. Also a minion would be great. I mean, we could hang out 24/7 and they would always have my back. I dig that.

Would I try to destroy a popular city? Ehh, not really. I might use my powers to run around the city like I own it though. Would I try to take over the world? Uh, No. I don’t want the world. To be honest, that’s a lot of things to run. All the little countries I don’t know the names of, it would be horrible. Would I want to spread mass destruction? Uh, not at all. I don’t even like saying mean things to people.

So being a super villain isn’t going to work out after all. I think I just want the costume and the robots and the minion and to be called a super villain. Because if I just did the costume people might make fun of me. They probably will make fun of me either way, but at least they would do it with the respect that I just might kill them if I hear them.
Plus, I don’t think I could get away with another one of my posts ending in me going to jail. Nate’s poor heart couldn’t handle it.


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