Define Pine

Really? Did you really just do that?

Riddle me this. I cut someone out of my life, they kept trying to contact me but I wouldn’t have any of that. Why? Well anytime I’m upset or mad, I just need some time to get over. I will almost always get over whatever it is, you just have to wait it out.
So after countless attempts, the person finally gave up and I didn’t hear from them. Well, they recently contacted me. And by recently I mean 3 days ago. They told me about how much they missed me and if there was any chance of us becoming friends again, they would really appreciate it. This is a platonic friendship and always has been. Stay with me here.
So I am obviously over whatever it was that made me cut this person off, so I agree to rekindle our friendship. This person was excited to say the least. That was 3 days ago. Well for the last 2 days the person has treated me like I’m some kind of nuisance. When I try to contact them, they act like I’m bugging them. When I post on their Facebook, they delete what I post. Or they just flat-out ignore me.
Tonight, this person said they couldn’t talk to me because “I haven’t talked to my one friend for a week and we really need to catch up.” Oh! That’s interesting because we haven’t talked for 2 months. No Big Deal.

Now, I know I’m not the best at friendships, but I’m not sure that’s how these things work. If I had just got done really missing someone and asking them to be my friend again, I would be really nice. Maybe they just needed closer, but I know this person and I highly doubt it.
Is this just some huge show that they are in control? Do they think they are really tactful? That they are getting back at me? Well that’s great. You got me, I REALLY DID think you wanted to be friends and IT WAS a slap to the face when you did this. Good, you win.
Maybe this person thinks they are better than me. Well how completely unoriginal of them.
But if this person really truly wanted to be friends again, you have a really funny way of showing it. And honestly, if you want to talk to me, you better freaking talk to me. Cause I don’t put up with this crap. I’m not into chasing people and forcing them to be my friend. ESPECIALLY after they just asked me to be their friend again. But most of all, people like me. I know they do, and I would rather spend time with someone who actually wants to talk to me, not play your little games.

That’s how to win friends and influence people.


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