Public Restrooms

So, I’ve been in meetings all morning. And with me I had my handy-dandy bottle of water. Cause I get thirsty and one of the side goals of Commit Me was to quit drinking soda.
Well, I drank the whole bottle. I’ve always been a Camel in the fact that I can really drink ALOT. Well I find it awkward to get up in a meeting and go to the bathroom. But it was even worse with this meeting because I had never been in this persons office before and I didn’t want to ask them where their bathroom was and what not. Just didn’t feel like the right thing to do.
So I held it until after the meeting, which lasted two and a half hours. Afterwards I stopped in at a fast food place to use the bathroom. Now my mother has always been afraid of public restrooms, but for me it’s always been if I gotta go there really is no choice. So I go into this public restroom, and it wasn’t the kind with the stalls but the kind where it’s just one room. But it had one of those button locks that are very unreliable. It’s like one touch and anyone can come in. I still locked the door though.
So I’m in there taking care of business and next thing I know some lady comes walking in on me. It’s an awkward situation in which I should have been embarrassed. And what do I say in this awkward situation?

“Oh Hey.”


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