There Has To Be Balance In the World.

So  couple of weeks ago, my parents were getting upset that I was staying out too late, so I was waking up at 1 in the afternoon. Well one can only take so much nagging. To solve the problem, I finally set my alarm clock to ring at 8:37 am every morning.
Did this really solve the problem? I dont think so, because during all this nagging, I think what they really wanted was for me to stay home at night, not for me to forgo sleep to make sure I’m up at 10 am. They didn’t want me to be asleep at 1 in the afternoon but what they REALLY didn’t want was me out til 3 in the morning. They should have stated that, I’m not a mind reader.

Anyways, now I have this alarm set in place that rings every morning. I find fault in this though, because if I wake up earlier than 8:37 am, I lay in bed til 8:37 waiting for my alarm to ring. The Balance? I need that alarm now to get out of bed. I’m dependant on it. It ruins my day if I get out of bed before it rings. So even if I wake up at 7 am, I wait in bed for that alarm. So they ruined it for themselves with that one.


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