It’s still a Mini-van.

Recently my parents decided to go shopping for two new cars last week. When my mother pulled up in her new car my sister and I both had the same reaction. “It’s a Mini-Van.”
On a side note, my parents now own three different cars and all of those cars are the same colour. I’m sorry, that should with a be a crime. There is no need for three different “champagne” coloured cars. It’s overkill.
Anyways, my mother’s excitement was obvious. “I looked inside and thought WOW! All of us can fit.” Belonging to a family of 8, that’s a huge accomplishment. But that’s the beauty of having three cars, we all don’t have to fit in together. We can separate into teams. Boys against girls even.

So today my mother loaned me her mini-beast to run some errands, make note the errands started at 5:45 in the morning. I have to admit, the van was very comfortable, great stereo. Made me feel finally committed to the fact that I grew up in suburbia. And every time I came to an intersection with another mini-van, which happened quite often, I couldn’t help feel like we were a part of an elite core. Mini-van Brethren.
Despite these wonderful feelings, it’s still a mini-van.

So now I’m wondering when I drive it if I should feel like this:

Or like This:

I mean, after all, it is a van.


4 thoughts on “It’s still a Mini-van.

  1. Oh, it’s a post about a mommy van. I am scared for if I ever have to drive a VAN. I want lots of kids and I want my kids to play hockey…therefore I’ll need a big car. I’ll probably settle for a beastly SUV to kill the ozone and still look cool.

    I have priorites, after all.

    P.S. If you don’t want a champagne van, go for this one:

    1. Driving it wasn’t that bad, it’s just the fact that it’s a minivan.
      I always liked the Denalis. And I say screw the environment, what has it ever done for you?

      It would make my life to drive that.

      1. I think we are supposed to say like…oxygen and stuff like that.

        Go green!

        You should YouTube that friends moment though. The van lights up on the warrior girl’s nips. Ohhhhh, priceless.

      2. Oh Right, oxygen. Trees gave us that, not the polar ice caps, just saying.

        I probably should, I’ve never seen Friends before, I’m not a TV person.

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