I swallowed an apple seed today
In hopes that a tree would sprout forth from my mouth
Though the old me would fade away
So would my sorrows and my doubts

My skin would become darker and rough
Replacing the what once was smooth
Children’s knees my skin shall scuff
With love and patience anew

My hair would change with the seasons
And would be lost in the fall
There is always the promise it will return again
So I never have to worry that I’m bald

Bright bulbs I shall produce
To forever feed the ones I love
Red and delicious to be consumed
From my old heart divine

My gaze is often turned upward
Watching the dancing clouds in the sky
Hoping that today we are friends
And they will bless me with a drink
For my lips have gone dry

My arms stretch high towards the heavens
Inviting birds into my arms
They would come to rest from their flight
Our embrace warm and strong
Though they leave, I never have to say goodbye
Because Winter is not that long

A hippy girl once passed by
And hugged me as she goes
I think about her sometimes
Where she went I hardly know

Children climb up my body
And swing from outstretched arms
I see them walking by now and then
Wearing suits of their new-found charms

Lover’s will come and bask in my shade
Carving their love, a tattoo that will burn
And years after their love shall fade
With pride I will show the love they once earned

Years pass away
Time slowly slips by
Yet here I remain
Tall and with this small cry

I swallowed an apple seed one day
In hopes that a tree would sprout forth from my mouth
I’ve stood here for years, fast and immovable
Providing comfort and shade for lonely souls


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