On the subject of words.

Do you remember when people had to write those “Why I deserve this…” or “Why I want this…” essays in school? I remember reading one once and thinking “Woah, I don’t even know what he is saying.” And it was true. I read, and so I think I have a fairly good vocabulary. But when this guy started using words with 20 letters in them, I was lost. And I couldn’t help but think that he was trying to put up a front for everyone.

Well last night as I was texting a friend of mine, I realized that I was saying some words to him that I wouldn’t normally use face to face. It made me start to wonder if I was looking as ridiculous as that guy did. If me saying words in a text to someone that I wouldn’t normally use otherwise made me look like I was putting up fronts.
But then I realized, sometimes you just cant say words like that when you are talking to someone face to face. When someone says a big word to me in a text, I have time to re-read the word as many times as needed, look at the pre-fixes and suffixes to try and decipher what it means or even Google the meaning of the words. And Yes, I’m not above googling a word sent to me in a text.
BUT If someone said the same to my face, I would beat them up. Not really. I just wouldn’t be able to have them say that word over and over again til I got it. I could sit there and think about breaking up the word so I understand. And I most definitely wouldn’t say “Hold on, let me google that word you just said before I reply.” I don’t think many people would want to talk to me if that’s how my conversations go.

So here is what I’ve concluded from my allotment of deliberating concerning the aforementioned topic. It’s okay to use big words when you are writing something, but don’t get crazy with it. And sometimes conversations aren’t the best time to show off your excellent vocabulary. If you don’t have a good vocabulary, get one. I suggest Google.


6 thoughts on “On the subject of words.

      1. Well I read that you had stopped reading my blog for awhile. And you just said I was typically cruel…which is not a good thing any way you look at it.

      2. I didn’t say you were typically cruel, I said that type of joke was typical to you. It just seems to fit with your personality. And I stopped reading your blog because I got upset over the comments the last time I read it. I rather enjoy your blog and I wish I could talk to you more as a person.

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