“I know who you are.”

So, I’m watching this movie and of course the hero gets a call with a creepy voice saying “I know who you are and I know how to kill you.” Wow, creepin. Of course afterwards a the hero freaked out and started looking around for the person that know their secret and it trying to kill them.

It just reminded me of a time when a friend of mine tried to pull a prank on me. She called me up and whispered into the phone “I know what you did last summer.” My reply was “I didn’t do anything last summer.” And I meant every word. Hearing the hero get threatened like that just made me think of how funny it would be for the creeper of the story to call someone with no secrets and say that.

I don’t have much else to say, this wasn’t one of those posts with a higher meaning or deeper thinking. It was mostly just me smiling to myself over what might happen if someone made a mistake when threatening someone. OH! And the hero of the movie was delusional in the end. Nice.


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