I’m looking to join a gang AKA My slip from society

This may come weird after my last post, but I just think I would be happier if I was gang affiliated. I could have “homies” to hang out with and deface public property. I’m just looking for a cause really. I’m very impressionable.

I could always make a team, but then brings up the question of “What would you and your team do? Would you play sports?” Hell No. So what would we do? I’m not exactly sure, therefore the team is dead.

Now if I joined a gang, they already have things they are doing, I wouldn’t have to be in charge at all. Although I think that even the gangs don’t want me to join. Why? Well I’m not very subtle and I can’t climb fences. It just doesn’t work out well for me. I would ruin all our vandalism missions. At the beginning of every gang war, I would yell out that we should just go bowling.
Not to mention, if I’m going to get a tattoo, I kinda want a pineapple tattoo, not a symbol. And I don’t think I could kill a guy, I just don’t think I can do that.

So the gang isn’t working out for me, just like the team isn’t. But the guys won’t let me quit the gang. I guess I’m their favourite. They said if I tried to quit, they will follow me. That the gang is for life. Woah, I didn’t marry them. Come on now.
So I thought maybe I could align myself with the police. They said they were totally down to protect me and what not if I told my side of the story. That’s chill. I like to talk. They gave me an officer as a body-guard aka a best friend and told me to pretend to be someone else. That’s what’s up. But my new best friend didn’t appreciate my pineapple tattoo, he hated my new gang lingo and he sure as hell didn’t want to go bowling. In fact, I don’t even think he wanted to hang out with me! Lame.

So I went into the police station and told them I wanted a new best friend. They said I shouldn’t be there. OH! So now I’m being kicked out of the police too? What the hell? I thought that was a public building. Ridiculous. Where are my people congregating? Where are the people who will accept me as a person?
I want to go to prison.


Clean and Sober Club


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