I am a proud D.A.R.E. graduate!

True Story. I don’t know if I’m exactly proud that I am, I don’t really think about it much to be honest. I can still sing the song. I remember all the words and everything. I don’t have my T-shirt anymore. Lame.

The only reason  I bring this up is because I’m on some majour pain killers for my leg, which I’m so grateful for cause my leg hurts like no bodies business. A common misconception in my house is that because my leg isn’t moving, it doesn’t hurt. Lies. The thing throbs and will randomly send the most delicious pain through my body that makes me want to die.

So I’m on pain killers. Not acid. All doctor prescribed, I assure you. I feel so detached. Even posting, I’m pretty sure the last two things I posted today made no sense at all. I felt like I was talking in circles. But people keep talking to me, and I’m listening, but it’s like I have no brain function at all. I’m just listening. There aren’t any thoughts going on or anything. I’m just listening and nodding to them. I’m also having trouble focussing on things. I keep looking around and I’m just incapable to focus on anything. Or I will completely stare at a random object as if I don’t get it. Not to mention the staring into space and feeling numb in certain parts of my body.
I’m amazed I’ve been able to write this post.

The point is, I’m feeling like the 60s over here.


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