Do you believe in Ghosts?

Recently someone asked me if I believed in Ghosts. My reply was “Define Ghosts”. For some reason this offended said person and they told me nevermind. I didn’t mean for said person to take offense to the comment, I just truly wanted more details of what they thought the word “Ghosts” meant. It’s such an interesting thing to ask someone and then to get offended when that same someone doesn’t understand the question or at leasts asks for more clarification. So as most times, when the person doesn’t wait for me to reply, I shall reply on my blog.

Do I believe in Ghosts? Well it depends on your definitions of Ghosts. Do I believe in spirits from other places are here? Yes, but let me clarify.

Do I believe in Hauntings?

Yes. They’re creepy as hell and very real. I definitely believe that spirits can come at you. Whether they are there to steal your soul or not, I don’t freaking know. But I believe that evil spirits are here in this world and do come after you. I’ve felt a couple myself. The best thing to do would be to get the hell out of there. Do I believe in possessions, Yeah. I don’t know what they should do though. I don’t know if exorcisms work.

Do I believe in People Coming back from the Dead?

Touchy subject. Do I believe in Zombies? No. Heck no. I’m sorry, but I just can’t honestly picture a cadaver climbing out of a grave and coming over to eat my brain. I guess I’m weird, but I don’t see that happening.
But do I really believe Chris Angel raised that chick from the dead? No, I think he needs to cut his hair.
Do I believe that spirits come back from the dead and talk to us? I don’t know, but wouldn’t that be nice.

So in a nut shell, do I believe in Ghosts? Yes.
But do I think they are going to come and hang out with me in school, become my best friends so we will just chill and go on adventures together? Then they will show me their almost decapitated heads and we’ll laugh it off together? I think J.K. Rowling made that up in her head. Mostly I believe in spirits. But that doesn’t change the fact that I want to be a Ghostbuster when I grow up…


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