Hi, You’re not Safe.

I never cease to amaze myself and neither does the Internet. I love the internet, I think it’s great. Let’s all get online and hang out. Just the fact that I had a long-distance boyfriend who, if I called him for 20 minutes on a phone, it costed me $60. BUT! I could go online and talk to him all day everyday for free. The internet is powerful. But as always, a strength taken too far becomes a weakness. Today one of my friend’s received a text from a strange number. She had me text this number, she texted this number, she even called the person and they hung up. So, by the power of the internet, I was able to make my way into this person’s phone records. Creepy? Oh yeah, but not as creepy as sending random texts. The point is, all of our information is out there on the internet for people to see. Or even sometimes they can’t see it but if they tried, they could get it. A couple of years ago, I googled myself and found a website that said “We have found (my name as if you didn’t know it)” Imagine my surprise when I clicked on it and found out that not only am I the only person in the US and Canada who has my name, but you can also buy my birth certificate online for only 30 cents. And get this, birth certificates sold online? Totally legal. Hacking into phone records? Legal. So often people tell you “Don’t tell people online your full name” or “Don’t post this or that online cause people can find you” Woah, people can find you online anyways. Now it obviously increases your chances of being found if you post it around, but the point is, your life is there online right now. There is nothing private anymore. People sell your information online all the time. That’s life. And even though I was the one who looked at a random persons phone records, it creeped me out just as much as if the person who’s phone records it was ever finds out. The hacker can easily be as creeped out as the hackee. It’s just all around creepy but welcome to the 21st century.


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