Dear Eternal Companion

Dear Eternal Companion,

I miss you. When I think about how the last time I saw and recognized you was in the premortal life, I get sad. And the fact that I can’t remember the times we had then is even sadder. That was so long ago. I think about you a lot, and I know when I say that, you don’t think I’m creepy. I guess I’m writing you this letter to throw out into the universe something that I’ve been wondering a lot: Do you miss me back? I often wonder at night before I fall asleep about who you are, what you will be like, where will I see you again and about how our Earth life will be together. I sit and plan things that we will do together, fights we will have, places we will go and sometimes I even have little conversations with you in my head. On some nights though, I get worried. What if I pass you by? What if we accidentally are too distracted to notice each other? What would happen then? I wish I could make you promise that if I don’t find you, you will search for me and only me. I love you, you see. Even though I don’t remember you and I’m not sure who you are, I love you. I love you now because I know I loved you before and I know I will love you again soon. There have been a couple of times where I mistaken someone for you, but they were just imposters who left me feeling sad. I’m sure you know the feeling. I just wanted to say, I will wait for you. Even if I have to wait till the millennium to see you again, I will. You are worth that. And I don’t know if you are alone right now, but I am. And I just want to say that even though times right now seem lonely, we can be together soon and I will try my best to always make sure you’re not alone. You can be on my team and I will be on yours.

I love you. I miss you. You are incredible. Wishing you were here, Corrie


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