Freaking Clark Kent Over Here

For years I thought is was so stupid that no one could tell that Clark Kent was superman. All he did was remove his glasses and put on a pair of tights. That’s ridiculous.

Well I have been wearing glasses since my 18th birthday, I got them late in life.
I used to not be blind, okay?
And at first I said absolutely no to contacts. I didn’t want anything touching my eye. So I got some glasses.

This is funny because when I was 13 and all the other kids in school were getting either glasses or braces, I thought that those were so cool because everyone had some and I didnt. So when I was 13, I wanted braces and glasses. And I most definitely put those on my birthday list.
I’m one huge misguided person when it comes to being cool.

So anyways, I’m 19. After a year of wearing glasses every single day with no change at all (I can’t afford two pairs, are you joking?) I got a little tired of wearing glasses. So this year for my birthday, I asked for contacts. (Yeah, my parents still buy me presents. )

Of course I got the contacts, seeing as it was a simple request. I had the hardest time putting those freaking contacts in. The eye doctor wanted to charge me $55 dollars to teach new people how to wear contacts. So, I kinda lied about wearing contacts before. But my mother promised to teach me how to put those things in. It took 40 minutes the first night. The next day only 30. Now I can get them in, in about 5 minutes.
Turns out I have really small eyes and big freaking fingers, who knew? I knew….

Anyways, the point is, Clark Kent knew what he was doing. I totally feel like a different person. I also feel naked without my glasses on, which I’m sure is a pleasure for everyone else. It has however helped my self esteem. Usually in the mornings I’m getting ready and doing my make-up and I’m thinking “Wow, I look really good today.” but then I put on my glasses and I’m like “Eeeh…”
But now, I am always looking clearly, so I always see exactly how I’m going to look that day, and if I like it that’s great. If I dont, that’s understandable.
I just hope I keep remembering to take them out at night.


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