It’s me. Most definitely me.

I’m always afraid there is going to be some psycho chasing me. I also do a thorough inspection of the backseat to make sure there is no one huddled in the dark foot space, waiting for me.
Paranoid, you say? We’ll see.
I have no plans of being chopped up in little pieces and stuffed in a magician’s trunk. Not on my to-do list.
I wish the truck could be parked in a garage or even close to my house and not down the street. I also wish I owned and not rented this truck and the people who previously owned it didn’t smoke inside it. Then there is always the wish that I could do hand stands, but all of this just isn’t happening for me right now.
One of the things I like about driving in the middle of the night is, you can stop in the middle of a service road. Especially in your own neighborhood. So I was stopped, changing a CD, and suddenly someone came driving up and honked.
WHAT THE HECK?! YOU RUINED MY MIDNIGHT CD CHANGE! Seriously, what was that person doing getting home at 12 am? That’s just an accident waiting to happen.
Don’t they know there is a curfew? Goodness.


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