So, I took a geography class in about 8th grade. Just kidding, not about, it was 8th grade. I learned a lot, didn’t really get a good grade. I think it was a B, that’s second best. Anyways, lately as I have been driving around town, I’ve noticed that a lot of people are using geography in their shop  names. I’,m just wondering if this is the New Frontier. Like when the British found America or when America took control of Puerto Rico, are we trying to expand into new made-up countries? Also I’m starting to wonder what these new countries, which Mr. Cather so badly failed to mention, are looking like on the map. Something like this:New Frontier I wonder if they have good Real Estate. [[Yeah, I did make a freaking map of this. And yeah, I also took the time make capitals for these places. I was trying to be thorough….It was a lonely Thursday night]]













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