Has anyone ever noticed how Dinner Parties are strategiacally planned so you are either starving or stuffed by the time they start? Seriously, they usually start at like 7 or 8, this is to ensure that they dont end too early. If people didn’t want you to stay late, they would start the party at 5 or 6 or even 4, which is ridiculous. So usually people have lunch around 12-1, which gives you a good 6 hours til the party. Well there are two routes you can go on the food angle. The smart thing to do would be to have a snack around 4:30, but usually we dont put that much thought into it. So either you eat dinner before you go and are stuffed when you get there, which usually isnt a good idea because they probably have really good food at the party. Or you can not eat and feel like you are going to die if you dont get food into you in the next 5  minutes. I’m starving.


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