So right now I am taking a Spanish class. I am actually taking class 111, meaning the first one. Now obviously I know how to speak Spanish. I lived in Mexico for two years, but I dont know grammer or the proper way of speaking Spanish, so I take classes. Educate myself.

It drives me insane though how Spanards say th instead of say the s sound. And I understand the difference between Spain Spanish and Mexico Spanish is like comparing England to American English. But that doesnt make it right. Mostly they way they talk bothers me because when they talk, they make it sound like the words aren’t coming out. It just looks like they are having difficulty speaking. This is madness! And I know they say that it isnt a lisp, but it sure as heck seems like one me.

I’ve only ever had Spanards as my Spanish teachers. Which makes me wonder, is there just a mass influx of Spanards in Las Vegas? Why did they all come here? I didnt invite them. Usually I dont meet anyone from other countries besides Mexico. But sure enough, whenever I walk into a Spanish class, there’s a Spanard speaking like a three year old. And that’s fine. They are great people. This was mostly a Spanish rant.


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