I noticed it about 4 years ago, this hatred I have for crossing guards. They are always so old and condescending, with their fake authority. And to prove my point, I have written a short list of why I feel so strongly on the subject.

  1. If you are a jogger or someone older than 10, they will not walk you across the street. Really? Well, when I get hit by a car, you will all feel pretty special
  2. If a crossing guard sees you driving and writes down your license number, they can send a letter to the municipal court who will send you a letter of warning. If the crossing  guard writes to them again, you will be immediately ticketed and fined without any chance of defending yourself or sometimes even your knowledge. I speak through experience. So much for the Human Rights Act.
  3. One time they reported an ice cream man for apparently “ripping off” children by charging 75 cents for an ice cream. What the heck? First off, that is not too much. Sorry you guys are all old and lived when things costed half a penny, but the world advances. And Second, that has nothing to do with walking children across the street.

Now obviously I am jaded about them, so I invite everyone to go hang out with them and see what I mean. And what I mean is, they suck.


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