Just kidding, it fails a lot. Steve was a ridiculous person who received mail all the time and for that he has my eternal envy. Joe will never count for anything, so he really isn’t even worth mentioning.

Everyday between 10:23 and 1:46, I make the long trudge out to my mail box to recover any small bits that someone might have sent our household. The sad things is, everyday is a deep and hurtful disappointment. My feelings may never recover from the daily rejection the mailbox gives me. It’s like being back in high school.

People say, write a missionary. But they don’t have time to write back often enough to spare me from the embarrassment of going to the mailbox everyday to find letters for my sister. Also, I get overzealous often and I start sending them multiple letters/emails, cause I’m so starved for a good conversation. They tend to find me creepy, not that this is something new. I’m just a creepy person. That’s life.

The mailbox mocks me all the freaking time. And then. AND THEN! When I find myself screaming that I will shoot myself in the head if I don’t get some mail soon, bank statement. Very funny universe.














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