So, I just made a blog.
In actuality, I made 3 blogs on 3 different blogging sites and I chose to use this one for my actual postings. I don’t really know how to start off a blog, so I just thought I would write a little something.

My name is Corrie Kartchner. I started this blog because I realized I had thoughts that just were left in my brain, and after a while, I got resentful. So here lies those thoughts. My brain is a random trash can though.I am young and impulsive and my opinions should not be taken seriously because I am very ignorant. I don’t have any expectations of people reading my blog, because I had a blog before and no one read that one either. But I will write as if people do read my blog and it’s a pretty big freaking deal.

Of course, I have heard the horror stories about blogs. “DON’T MAKE A BLOG! SOME TEACHER IS BEING SUED CAUSE SHE POSTED HOW STUPID HER STUDENTS ARE ON HER BLOG!” Okay well, she really shouldnt have done that and I don’t have students. So I think I will be alright. Will I talk crap about someone on this blog? I don’t know, I hope not. Could it happen? It’s very possible.

Mostly I wanted a blog because, Hey I have opinions. I have things I want to talk about. I have crazy ideas and schemes and theories. I am a life form full of possibilities, disappointments and expectations. I need to rant and vent and think and say these things. I’ve tried to write a journal, I’ve even tried an audio journal. But these never seem to work out for me, I hate the thought of just talking/writing to no one. And with a blog, the chances of someone reading my blog are small, but there still is a chance. Will the things I write benefit anyone? I don’t know, my name isn’t anyone.

The fact of the matter is, my name is Corrie Kartchner. I can’t really spell and probably have a bad vocabulary.  This is my blog.
Have a good day.


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