So I was just in a meeting. And as the meeting progressed, my father decided to use an example. Which brought to my attention how uneffective examples can be in a meeting. Everyone uses examples when they are presenting something, I do all the time. But in this particular meeting, examples came at me like a glaring ‘WOAH! DONT DO IT!’.

It went a little something like this, my father said “And say we had a client, Amelia Wycenski…”
I’m sorry, did I don’t remember what else he said, because I was extremely distracted by this. My mind immediately gets shut off from Meeting Mode and starts thinking this like “Amelia Wycenski? Is that a real person or did he just come up with that? How did he come up with that name right then? That’s crazy!”

Now there is another way that this example could have gone which I find to be easily less effective in getting a point across. He could have said, though he did not, “And say we had a client, Bob Smith…”
My mind then turns to thinking things like “Bob Smith? Lame. Everyone uses Bob Smith as their example. Think how the actual Bob Smith feels. He probably isnt happy.”

Now, maybe I just have ADD (I dont) and I am easily distracted. But if I can get so quickly distracted by things like this, so can anyone I’m sure.
All I’m saying is, when deciding to give an example in business, maybe we should all think it through, because examples can be just as distracting as they are helpful.


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